Helping Your Horse Perform and Feel Better

Equine rehabilitation and bodywork solutions to fit your horse’s needs and your goals

Worried about how your horse will recover from an injury?

Or perform his best while in intense training?

You’re not alone.

As a certified equine rehabilitation practitioner, I know all too well that discomfort can have a huge impact on how your horse moves and your relationship with him.


Pinpoint where their horses are experiencing pain in their bodies

Determine which type of therapy option – or combination of therapies – will provide the best results and bang for the buck
Customize therapy programs to speed recovery from injury and enhance performance
And be a highly skilled resource for equine bodywork and FES

So, I can help horses just like yours become more comfortable, willing partners in and out of the saddle.

How I can help your horse be his best

Whether you’d like to improve your horse’s performance under saddle or his ability to heal after injury, I’ll work with you and your veterinarian to determine the ideal therapy option.


Functional Electrical Stimulation

When you want to safely rehabilitate acute or chronic injuries.

Massage Therapy for Horses

Equine Massage Therapy

When you want to reduce the likelihood of injury or muscle tension.

Horse Owner’s Beginners Guide to Using a Massage Gun

Horse Owner’s Beginners Guide to Using a Massage Gun

Quickly gain the skills and confidence to start massaging your horse with a massage gun.

“I am forever grateful to have Brooke on our team (or her allowing us to be in hers), knowing Moxie is feeling great gives me the confidence to enjoy all our special moments. Brooke has changed the game for us!”

Stacie McGuire – Barrel Racer
Brooke helped Diesel and me out immensely after importing him from England. He was so tight he didn’t want to go to work, now we are back to knocking on the door of the Grand Prix! Many, many thanks!

April Batcheller – Dressage Rider
Massage Magic For the Moody Mare

Massage Magic For the Moody Mare

She throws a tantrum when her equine pals go by her stall, totally forgoing her typical princess etiquette. Tail swishing and nipping become her go-to moves during grooming time. And when you ride, she acts like a complete airhead, ignoring your cues, whinnying, jigging, and looking around in every direction.

My Life Half Halt

My Life Half Halt

Recently, I showed up to a few appointments a bit disheveled, carrying an attitude that isn’t typical of me. A few of my clients, at different times mind you, brought to my attention in as kind and caring a way as possible… “I think you need a little life half halt.”